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Duce. Click for larger picture...Duce is situated in the middle of Dalmatia on the Dugi Rat riviera along the Adriatic Highway. It is approximately 20 km from Split on the way to Makarska. Directly opposite is the island of Brac.

Duce. Click for larger picture... A superb touristic oasis Duce stretches along the coast between the towns of Omis and Dugi Rat. It boasts of breathtaking sandy beaches 4 km long, encircled by rich mediteranean vegetation.

Omis. Click for larger picture...Its situated only 2 km from the mouth of the Cetina river on the very doors of a natural pathway. The river leads through the canyons inland discovering the incomparable picnic area "Radmanove Mlinice" and further on the well known "Mala and Velika Gubavica" waterfalls near Zadvarje.

To the North, Duce is bordered by the Mosor mountain situated 400 m above sea lavel. These mountain lead down to the mouth of the Cetina river and are encircled by thick pine forests which come right down to the sea and can be found on the countless sandy beaches farmed by the Cetina river.


Duce. Click for larger picture...Duce. Click for larger picture...Duce. Click for larger picture...


During the sixties and seventies a number of houses were built to be used as accommodation facilities. Today, Duce have rich touristy offer; and it is not only accommodation in villas and houses on coast line, hot sun & clear sea what Duce offer.


Rafting. Click for larger picture...You can enjoy in popular inland resorts with the authentic country tourism, the excursions with the boats to the unique canyon of the Cetina River and in variety of possibilities for active holiday. Duce is connected with the hinterland (Zagora) and as such offers excellent home-made food.


Besides the rich natural and history beauty, this touristy pearl of Dalmatia has a lot to offer in the form of various cultural manifestation and entertainment program.


Festival klapa in Omis. Click for larger picture...Fishermen nights, beach bars, folklore or urban evenings, summer masquerade, celebration of the first part of the New Year, swimming marathon, crazy dives and as the part of the cultural summer in this area.


Traditional festival of Dalmatian klapa songs has been taking place in Omis each year since 1967 on the squares in the old parts of the town, to maintain the cultural heritage and is the greatest manifestation of this kind.


Duce. Click for larger picture...Duce. Click for larger picture...Duce. Click for larger picture...



Active Holidays

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